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News relevant information


Banner photograph of Mayor's Office

Tokorozawa city City Assembly


press materials

Tokorozawa city  Geographic Information Systembbb


Citizen's Health Center healthy support SAITOFUREFURE  Healthy.

Citizen's Medical Center

The top sewage bureau

Board of Education

Public Library

Saitama western fire fighting association

culture center Muse of Tokorozawa city  people

Tokorozawa city tourist association

Saitama western Fire Fighting Affairs Bureau edition emergency check-up guide

Tokorozawa city ordinances and regulations

With Japanese skylark PO.

Olympic paralympics Italian team support site

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The Tokorozawa city future electric power

Tokorozawa brand local specialty formal website

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Tokorozawa City Government Office

Zip 359-8501 Saitama Tokorozawa city Namiki 1-chome Access to City Officedoes business with contact information of each 1 TEL:04-2998-1111 (representative) department of the 1st area.

Office hours

The desk which is except office hours (shuku holiday year-end and new year, except for [from December 29, January 3]) at 5:15pm from 8:30am of Friday from Monday

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  • General foundational juridical person Tokorozawa sacred place cemetery
  • (Advertisement) a corporation  kyousakae ceremony.
  • (Advertisement) a corporation  juukyou. 
  • (Advertisement) Sayama real estate  Tokorozawa store
  • (Advertisement) a corporation  Yamaguchi plan layout.
  • (Advertisement) IESUTESHON.
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