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  • Because there is love, Yotsukaido city   Child care is Yotsukaido.
  • Yotsukaido city  hometown tax
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  • It's linked to external website   It opens by a new window.A child care support site, rapidly.
  • By everyone, regional development center
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Emergency information

Information about novel coronavirus infection
Information about message from the mayor, Yotsukaido city elementary and junior high schools, after-school care and support
Additionally there is information about novel coronavirus infection.

Infected patient information in the city

Closure in public facilities and cancellation of event business

About the procedure which can be done without doing the next agency.
Infection expansion risk of novel coronavirus infection becomes big by a desk's of the city office being crowded.
Without doing agency since mailing application etc., information on the Procedures which can be performed was gathered, so please cooperate for congestion easing.

Information area

There are no indicated events.


Relevant information area

  • Mayor's office
  • Yotsukaido city council
  • Board of educationIt's linked to external website   It opens by a new window.
  • Press release
  • Citizen participation
  • FAQs

Population of Yotsukaido city

Total population: 94,958 people
Households :41,896 household

Current as of 2020 May 1

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Opening hours 8:30-17:15 (except Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, year-end and new year holidays ).

Shikawatashi Yotsukaido city Chiba prefecture Zip: 284-8555
Corporation number 6000020122289
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