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Call center

Telephone number 077 (523) 1234

The telephone Reception Hours weekday From 8:00, 19:00
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays year-end and New Year holidays
From 9:00, 17:00

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Online service
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  • Otsu city bullying measure portal  To protect a child of Otsu from bullying.
  • OPEN DATA City Otsu Otsu city open data portal site
  • Sharing city OTSU  The town which settles an area problem by a sharing economy
  • Otsu woman peddler achievement information site "Otsu project W portal site" tasteful female tearing portal "Smile League" click here for the detailed
  • You introduce Biwa-ko Lake tourism in Otsu  information  Biwa-ko Lake Otsu travel guide  Click here for the detailed.
  • Charm of Otsu is being sent! HELLO OTSU SHIGA .JAPAN  Please follow up by all means! Click here for the detailed

Tourism, Events

Event information Event information

Hie's cherry tree and blue event picture of colored leaves
"Hie's salted cherry leave and blue colored leaves" are held by April 27, 2019 (Saturday)-May 6 (Monday) and Hiei-Zan Enryaku-ji Temple.
A wild cherry tree and blue colored leaves are usually closed in Enryaku-ji Temple which can enjoy itself this time, a sutras transcribing experience in Do, a Zen meditation experience (payment required) and draw (no charge) carry and are performed.
Contact information: Hiei-Zan tri-party association Hiei-Zan Enryaku-ji Temple (the telephone number) 077-578 - 0521 or Hiei-Zan freeway (the telephone number) 077-529 - 2216 or Okuhiei freeway (the telephone number) 077-578-2139

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The population and household Population / number of households

It's located in the southwest in Shiga prefecture.
General households
148,544 households
165,488 people
177,207 people
342,695 people

Current as of April 1, 2019


  • The house of Year inn and energy 2017  YAMATO juuken  Grand prix
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